safety study

Safety study

Before the commercialization of a product intended for human consumption, the producer or distributor needs to ensure that safety studies or tests were performed in order to use the product safely.

It is the responsibility of the company of a new product (ingredient, cream, lotion, gel, equipment) to dispose adequate information to confirm the safety of a product. The document called “Safety Assessment” was created to gather all the necessary information such as ingredients, formula, microbiology data, toxicology data and evidence collected during the development of a product.

Evalulab reviews the compliance and safety of your products. We offer many options to support the safety claims of your products while following the process mentioned in documents such as “Safety Assessment” and creating clinical trials with many choices of tests and studies:

  • Peri-ocular tolerance study*
  • Primary cutaneous irritation study*
  • Skin sensitization *
  • Sensitive skin test *
  • Non-comedogenicity test*…

* These tests and studies are under dermatological and ophthalmological controls.

Therefore, thanks to the results of these studies, a product will be able to claim a good tolerance if there were no adverse reactions.

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