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Glance at the laboratory

Founded in Montreal in 2001 by the president, Elisabeth Fiquet, Evalulab is a laboratory offering standard and customized clinical studies to evaluate safety, tolerance, efficacy and consumer preference of:

  • Cosmetic Products
  • Skin Care Products
  • Personal Care Products
  • Natural Health Products

Certified Quality
Manufacturers of products with a topical effect must ensure that marketing claims displayed on their product labels and packaging or in advertisements are adequately substantiated. They should make sure that the displayed information does not contain false, misleading or non proven claims about product benefits, or that the claims do not suggest false or deceptive comparison to competitors’ products.

Glance at the laboratory

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Élisabeth Fiquet, M. Sc.
présidente, fondatrice


Trained by Professor Jean-Paul Marty, an internationally recognized reference in the cosmetics industry, I remained faithful to my first loves and worked for the “Laboratoires d’Évolution Dermatologique – LED”, an innovative company that launched one of the first cosmeceutical product lines in France. In close collaboration with dermatologists, I actively participated in the implementation of many clinical study protocols on skin aging, acne, melasma and psoriasis. During 10 years of service, I fulfilled a range of positions in different departments from Purchasing to Quality Control, and finally in Research and Development.


Eager for change and new challenges, I arrived in Montreal in 1997. After a period of adjustment and networking within the local cosmetic industry, I decided that I wanted to share my knowledge on how topically applied products can be scientifically evaluated.

I decided to create Evalulab in 2001, shaped by passion, enthusiasm and daily challenges. Since then, I live my passion everyday by contributing to the development of new products. I enjoy working as a team, and despite my busy schedule, I dedicate all my heart and my skills to my work, without neglecting my family life that remains very important to me.


Evalulab qualified team strives to constantly provide the highest level of quality service. Therefore, everything is discussed and aimed to be improved. Thanks to the group’s in-depth market knowledge, we keep an eye on all new developments that could impact the industry. 

Our clients can be assured that their questions will be answered honestly and professionally, making their collaboration with Evalulab as effective and enjoyable as possible. The interests of my clients are at the forefront in every project. My attention to details is their assurance that nothing will ever be neglected.

I am proud of Evalulab evolution these past years. I wish the best for my customers because their success is my success!