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Sun Care

The Solar Protection Factor (SPF) of a topically applied sun care product indicates the skin protection level against UVA and UVB rays.

To obtain the SPF protection value, in vitro and in vivo tests (clinical tests) must be carried out.

Health authorities of each country regulate these tests by imposing strict standards to companies that are launching sun care products on the market. Thankfully, a will for a global harmonization of these rules exists. Evalulab offers tests to prove the effectiveness and safety of your sun care products.

Once the tests are completed, the values of “SPF” on the packaging are accurate and precise product claims that comply with regulations.

Our solar tests

The in vivo Sun Protection Factor (directly measured on the skin), also called “static” test, is determined by a standardized and reproducible method based on references…

The determination of the Water Resistant Sun Protection Factor is performed by a standardized and reproducible method based on references…

Our in vitro tests (without irradiation of the skin) are performed according to methods detailed below. Solar simulators and radiometers used are calibrated according to international guidelines.

The in vivo UVA Protection Factor (directly measured on skin) is determined by one of these two standardized and reproducible methods…

The in vivo determination of the phototoxicity potential (directly measured on skin surface) is performed by a standardized and reproducible method. Our protocol is conducted according to the recommendations of the “Skin Cancer Foundation”.

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