Hair Care

Hair care products are another important market to consider. Hair care products target a large population of consumers: all ages, women and men, and this market is always on the lookout for novelties.

It is a challenge for the industry professionals to stand out from competition: to propose different, original, yet valid and truthful product claims. Once again, as for the body care or face care products, Evalulab proposes customized tests adapted to various hair types and to your specific products. We can also assist you with products, cosmetics or medical devices, that may influence hair growth.

Anti-Sebum | Oily Hair and Scalp

The levels of sebum can be measured using the Sebumeter®.


Dryness, redness and itching sensations caused by dandruff can be assessed by clinical evaluation.

Hair Regrowth

The speed or rate of hair growth can be assessed by measuring the length of hair re-grown after a hair dye treatment.

Hair Loss

The reduction or prevention of hair loss can be evaluated by the phototrichogram technique.

Humidity Protection | Strong Hold | Anti-Frizz

The ability of a product to protect hair from the effects of external factors can be assessed on natural hair strands and/or recruited volunteers.

Shine | Volume | Smoothness

Hair shine, hair volume and hair smoothness can be assessed by study subjects (self-evaluation questionnaires) or graded by expert judges.