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SPF Testing : In vivo Sun Protection Factor

test SPF

The in vivo Sun Protection Factor (directly measured on the skin), also called “static” test, is determined by a standardized and reproducible method based on the following references (newest versions):

  • Food and Drug Administration (USA) – FDA 2011 21 CFR 201 & 310
  • Health Canada (Canada) – Sunscreen Monograph Version 2.0
  • Colipa/Cosmetics Europe Association (EU) – International Sun Protection
  • Factor Test Method (2006)
  • ISO 24444:2010 Cosmetics – Sun protection test methods – In vivo determination of the sun protection factor (SPF)
  • JCIA (Japan)
  • CTFA-SA (South Africa)
  • Solar simulators and radiometers used are calibrated according to international guidelines.

Claims (depending on the monograph)

test SPF

“SPF (X)” (static), “Sunscreen”, “Sun protection product”, “Helps prevent sunburn”

The following claims may be indicated on the label if they are supported by scientific data:

“Hypoallergenic”, “For sensitive skin”, “Non- Comedogenic”, “Non-Acnegenic” and/or “Non- Irritating”

Some logos, such as the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA), the Skin Cancer Foundation, the European Commission or “UVA” logo, can also be used as long as all the requirements associated with these logos are satisfied.