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Focus Group

This consumer product test is a method of analysis is part of an innovation strategy oriented towards consumer needs. It is upstream of the design. The consumer is at the center of reflection and innovation. Based on the principle of brainstorming, this type of test aims to identify the needs and desires of consumers in order to identify new ideas or concepts.

The target consumer panel is grouped around a discussion table that promotes the exchange of ideas and allows obtaining more comprehensive information than a personal interview. The discussion is led by a study coordinator that guides the discussion on a specific subject. The study coordinator bases the discussion on standardized questions that open and encourage the debate. The coordinator is also responsible for organizing the debate paying attention to the speaking time and clarity of the exchanges. Constructive points arising in the process are noted and reported. It is possible to make a video recording of meetings to provide information on non-verbal data.

The panel can be questioned on multiple subjects as their perceptions, opinions and attitudes toward a product, packaging, concept or even an idea.

All collected data is converted into numerical values that can be analyzed statistically. The results can be used as background research to shape the future of a brand or product.