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Consumer In-Use Test

This consumer product test is part of a marketing strategy oriented towards consumer satisfaction. The consumer in-use test is a tool to evaluate the performance of products. This type of test can also provide information on consumer behaviors in order to design a product whose use is intuitive (easy and practical) in consumers lives.

The evaluation of the product is done by consumers prior to market launch. It allows to directly observe how the product is perceived and to have information on its daily use such as: practicality of the packaging, daily dose of product used, perception of the various sensory characteristics of the product.

When integrating a product into a complete skin care or make-up regimen, there may be unanticipated interactions that were not predicted during product design. This test can also provide information on possible adverse skin reactions or skin intolerance when a product is associated with other products.

Participants are given the product and test it at home, in real conditions of use, over a predetermined period. At the end of study, the participants return to the laboratory and are asked about their experience and their perception of product performance. All this is converted into data that is statistically analyzed to obtain results that may be used for marketing purposes and that are easily understandable.