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For very dry to atopic skin

Very dry to atopic skin is characterized by extreme dryness causing skin irritations and displaying a compromised skin protective barrier function. The main cause for these skin properties alterations is an imbalance of the lipids constituting the skin’s protective barrier.

Various techniques may be used to claim a product efficacy for usage on very dry or atopic skin

  • Superficial hydration is measured via Corneometer®.
  • Deep hydration is measured via MoistureMeterD®.
  • Skin lipids levels are assessed via cyanoacrylate sampling, Nile blue staining and image analysis.
  • Skin protective barrier integrity is measured via Tewameter®.
  • In addition, a clinical examination based on the PASI scoring system evaluates the level of comfort of study subjects, as well as dehydration-related skin erythema and xerosis.


“For very dry to atopic skin”, “Deep hydration”, “Replenishes skin lipids”, “Keeps skin’s natural moisture level”, “Restores skin’s natural protective barrier”, “Soothes irritations caused by skin dryness”, “Relieves itchiness caused by dry skin”