Body Care


The appearance of cellulite and skin firmness may be assessed by expert judges using standard scales developed by Evalulab Inc. and approved by external consultants.

Anti-Stretch Mark

A stretch mark appearance could be measured by image analysis. The software analyzes parameters such as color, length and width of stretch marks.

Body Sculpting

The body sculpting effect of contour skin care creams assessed by circumference measurements. The standardization of the positioning and areas selection is carry out by a laser beam

Hydrating | Moisturizing

The hydrating effect of a topical product may be evaluated over short or long term. The Corneometer® measures the hydration on the superficial layers of the skin. The MoistureMeterD® allows the measurement of hydration up to 8 mm skin deep.

For very dry to atopic skin

Very dry to atopic skin is characterized by extreme dryness causing skin irritations and displaying a compromised skin protective barrier function. The main cause for these skin properties alterations is an imbalance of the lipids constituting the skin’s protective barrier.

Skin Protection | Repair

A compromised protective barrier will not preserve the natural hydration of the skin and it will not provide an effective skin protection. In such a situation, the measured water loss or TEWL rates will increase.

Exfoliation | Desquamation

The D-Squame® is a transparent adhesive used to sample the superficial layers of skin (squames). The collected samples are quantified by image analysis before and after product usage.

Replenishes skin lipids

The level of lipids present in the skin barrier can be assessed via sampling of the superficial layers of the epidermis with cyanoacrylate.


The method used to assess the effectiveness of a deodorant is the “sniff test” (according to ASTM E1307-09 standards).

Depilation | Hair re-growth

The efficacy of a cream intended for usage after hair removal may be assessed via standardized photographs.


A specialized software analyzes a zone of interest to evaluate skin tone evenness and skin color.