Clean Beauty – what does it really mean?

The concept of “clean beauty” is on everyone’s lips but what exactly does it mean from a consumer perspective? Consumers want products that are designed to have the least possible negative impact on human health, the environment or

Summer, Sun, and Sunscreens!

It’s this time of the year again: sun protection is on everyone’s lips…  including regulatory agencies! For instance, the FDA has multiplied its efforts to ensure consumers’ protection by sending warning letters to companies that mislead consumers by

Truthful product claims?

Product claims communicate the benefits of a cosmetic product to the consumers. They can be found on product packaging, labeling or any other form of advertisement including brochures, television or website. Regulatory agencies such as the FTC (Federal

Consumers and Governments are watching: test your products!

Manufacturers and distributors of personal care and cosmetic products are responsible for ensuring that their products and ingredients are safe. In addition, they must be able to demonstrate proofs of performance claims and they must correctly label their

NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2016

Once again, the NYSCC Suppliers’ Day showcased numerous new products and latest innovations from global suppliers. It also offered a dynamic environment that promoted scientific exchange and business opportunities. A novelty this year: the presentation of education sessions

Product Safety Assessment Report

  Until recently, the safety of cosmetic and personal care products seemed as a subject of relatively little disagreement. Consumers did not really care about the safety of their body moisturizers or lipsticks. However, recently an increasing pressure for

Health Canada Final Sunscreen Monograph

On July 7th, Health Canada has release the final Suncreen Monograph. This document identifies permitted ingredients, concentrations, indications, labeling claims and directions of use. The monograph also indicates the recommended test methods to comply with the requirements. Make sure

New Regulations for the European Cosmetics Products

As of July 11th 2013 a new regulation will replace the “Cosmetics Directive” which until now was ensuring the safety of cosmetic products in Europe. The modifications to the directive were put in place to enhance the safety