Solar Simulator

A Solar Simulator is a light source that approximates the illumination of natural sunlight. Different simulator models are used depending on the study types.

In vivo Studies

The Solar Light® simulators used (simple port – Model 16S, 150W and multiport – Model 601, 150W) output UV radiation in a spectrum of 290 to 400 nm and respect requirements from latest international monographs for SPF testing (FDA, Colipa, Santé Canada, JCIA, CTFA-SA et ISO).

The UV irradiation is measured by a Solar Light® radiometer (PMA 2100 Model).

In vitro Studies

During the broad spectrum test, polymethylmethacrylate plates (PMMA, 5×5 cm, roughness of 4-5 micrometers) are pre-irradiated with the Suntest® Atlas CPS+ simulator with standard filters.

All simulators and radiometers used are calibrated by an independent testing facility based on international guidelines