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Efficacy testing

Clean Beauty – what does it really mean?

The concept of “clean beauty” is on everyone’s lips but what exactly does it mean from a consumer perspective? Consumers want products that are designed to have the least possible negative impact on human health, the environment or society. While no clear and precise definition exist, we may define “clean beauty” in terms of the … Continue reading Clean Beauty – what does it really mean?

Healthy Looking Skin: the new anti-aging claim!

A performance clinical study, to support “healthy looking skin” claims,  is designed based on several test parameters, customized to your specific formulation. Hydration Elasticity Radiance, Brightness/Lightening Skin tone color evenness/uniformity Skin texture: roughness/ smoothness Photographs Consumer preference questionnaire Contact us to find out more!

Are you catching the bug?

Cosmetic companies are catching the bug and skin microbiome is on everyone’s lips, but what is it exactly? Can we really change and improve the skin microbiome? If so, what does it mean for skin care products consumers and manufacturers of cosmetic products? Before we discuss further, let’s define clearly what is the microbiome…what about … Continue reading Are you catching the bug?

Summer, Sun, and Sunscreens!

It’s this time of the year again: sun protection is on everyone’s lips…  including regulatory agencies! For instance, the FDA has multiplied its efforts to ensure consumers’ protection by sending warning letters to companies that mislead consumers by selling products that do not deliver the advertised benefits. In addition, the FDA continues to take actions … Continue reading Summer, Sun, and Sunscreens!

Designing a clinical study: few key elements

Two pivotal elements to consider when selecting the design of a clinical study are: Should the study include a placebo group? Should the study be performed as double-blinded or single-blinded? Let’s explore this in more details. Firstly, when designing a clinical study you should always consider the claim you wish to make. If you wish … Continue reading Designing a clinical study: few key elements

Current Beauty Trends

Various articles have recently addressed skin care trends of 2017. While beauty influences vary with consumers’ localisation, overall recurring themes are: Beauty from within is on the rise. Consumers understand and realize that beauty is highly influenced by the food and drinks they consume. The industry has also widely spread information on the importance of … Continue reading Current Beauty Trends

Summer is here!

Sunscreens are back on store shelves and consumers debate to choose the best formula. As we all know, two categories of sunscreen, differing on their distinct mode of action, are available: Chemical sunscreen: composed of organic molecules that absorb ultraviolet light Physical sunscreen: composed of mineral inorganic molecules that form a physical barrier on the … Continue reading Summer is here!

Truthful product claims?

Product claims communicate the benefits of a cosmetic product to the consumers. They can be found on product packaging, labeling or any other form of advertisement including brochures, television or website. Regulatory agencies such as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), EC (European Commission) or ASC (Advertisement Standards Canada) focus on ensuring the integrity and truthfulness … Continue reading Truthful product claims?

What to expect in 2017?

In 2017, consumers will continue to be more demanding, requesting products that offer genuine benefits. Consumers will pursue their quest for information and education.  Without doubt, the value of authenticity will stand out as very important for the beauty industry consumers. The main objective of Evalulab is precisely that! We provide you clinically proven claims! … Continue reading What to expect in 2017?

Consumers and Governments are watching: test your products!

Manufacturers and distributors of personal care and cosmetic products are responsible for ensuring that their products and ingredients are safe. In addition, they must be able to demonstrate proofs of performance claims and they must correctly label their products. The best defense you may have in regards to consumer, competition or regulatory challenges of your … Continue reading Consumers and Governments are watching: test your products!