Butts Chore ’20

Together, let’s save our ecosystems! On September 21st, 2020, the Evalulab team rolled up their sleeves once again to make a difference for the environment. For two years now, the team has been cleaning up the area around

Presence of asbestos in talc-containing cosmetics

Les inquiétudes concernant la présence d’amiante dans les produits #cosmétiques contenant du talc se sont récemment accrues. En réponse, la Food and Drug Administration #FDA a lancé une enquête.

Winter and skin hydration

Winter is here! This is the perfect time to test your moisturizing products! If you need to substantiate these claims: “Instant hydrating effect”, “Long-term hydration”, “Hydrates the skin up to 24h”, “Deep hydration”. See our options and ask us

Clean Beauty – what does it really mean?

The concept of “clean beauty” is on everyone’s lips but what exactly does it mean from a consumer perspective? Consumers want products that are designed to have the least possible negative impact on human health, the environment or

A celebration of the Evolution of Beauty!

Mark your calendars and come celebrate with Evalulab the 40th anniversary of the NYSCC Suppliers’ Day! NYSCC Suppliers’ Day serves as one of the most important North American event on the industry calendar.  The event attracts thousands of

Can cannabis-derived ingredients be used in cosmetic products?

Skincare products containing cannabis are growing in popularity. Cannabis derivatives have become trendy ingredients for cosmetics manufacturers. Let’s have a brief look at the current regulatory status of this popular cosmetic ingredient in Canada. Cannabinoids come from three