Truthful product claims?

Product claims communicate the benefits of a cosmetic product to the consumers. They can be found on product packaging, labeling or any other form of advertisement including brochures, television or website. Regulatory agencies such as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), EC (European Commission) or ASC (Advertisement Standards Canada) focus on ensuring the integrity and truthfulness of advertisements.

Product claims must comply with legal guidelines; they must also be objective, accurate and truthful. All claims should be honest and ideally provide the evidential support to allow informed decision-making for the consumer. Clinical studies are tools to evaluate the safety and performance of products and to demonstrate objectively products’ benefits. Evalulab provides scientific knowledge and expertise to your services, helping you stand out from your competition via clinically proven claims!

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Evalulab has over 15 years of experience in the industry; complies with international guidelines of ethics, is certified ISO 9001:2008; and follows rules established by regulatory agencies (such as FDA, EC or Health Canada).

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