Current Beauty Trends

Various articles have recently addressed skin care trends of 2017. While beauty influences vary with consumers’ localisation, overall recurring themes are:

  • Beauty from within is on the rise.

Consumers understand and realize that beauty is highly influenced by the food and drinks they consume. The industry has also widely spread information on the importance of gut bacteria in the overall health of the skin. Brands that offer nutricosmetics options to consumer are on the rise and aim to answer consumers’ demands.

  • Multifunctional skin care adapted to athletic lifestyles.

Consumers have become more athletic and active engaging in high intensity workout routines and/or spending more time outside. The skin care market responds to this market by offering products that provide performance and adaptability. Formulations that are sweat-resistance, that offer long wear,  that offer sun protection, that help shield the skin from harmful environmental stressors, or that provide a rapid and multifunctional skin care routine,  are among some of the key driving trends in the current market.

  • Consumers want an experience!

Consumers are looking for products that not only provide performance but also an interesting user experience.  They want skin care products that surprise their senses! A product texture, fragrance and application that is unique, different and memorable. A comparative consumer in-use test can help you better understand the consumer experience provide by your products!

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