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Elisabeth Fiquet, President

elisabeth (514) 343-0001 # 206

Master of Science (MSc) in Biology of organisms and populations, specialization in Plant Biology, University of Paris VI, 1988.

Specialized Education in Cutaneous Biology, Department of Pharmacy – laboratory of Professor JP Marty, Chair of dermato-pharmacology and cosmetology at the University of Paris-Sud of Châtenay-Malabry.

Ewa Kulig, Business Director

Ewa-Kulig (514) 735-3253

Doctorate in Chemistry (PhD), specialization in Biochemistry – Neuromuscular Physiology, Concordia University, 2012.

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Major in Biochemistry, Minor in Environment, McGill University, 2006.

Marie-Laure Oula, Laboratory Director

(514) 343-0001 # 208

Master of Science (MSc), specialization in Cutaneous Biology, School of Industrial Biology (France), 2009.

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Biotechnology, School of Industrial Biology (France), 2009.

Linh Nguyen, Quality Assurance Director

Linh-Nguyen (514) 343-0001 # 211

Master of Science (MSc) in Pharmacology, specialization in Clinical Pharmacology, University of Montreal, 2014.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biomedical Sciences, University of Montreal, 2010.