Institutional Review Board (IRB)

According to GCP, an institutional review board (IRB), also called independent ethics committee (IEC) must review and approve all procedures before the beginning of any clinical study. The aim of such a committee is to protect the rights, safety and well-being of subjects participating in a study.

The IRB may question the rationale behind the protocol and request all pertinent documents related to the trial such as consent forms, investigator credentials and information on the test product(s). This committee also has the power to reject a study, request amendments to protocol, supervise the progress of a trial and/or stop a trial if necessary.

Members of the Independent Ethics Committee (IEC)

M. Charest, DESS in Bioethics, BSc in Nursing, MAP-MED – Former Director of Client Services at the CHSLD Champlain Manoir of Verdun, Member of the Lakeshore Hospital Ethics Committee.

E. Beausoleil, BSc, CCRP – Clinical Research Director.
I. Casanova, B. Industrial Psychology, specialization in graphology, MBTI certification – Human Resources Counselor (recruitment and competency evaluation)
C. Castillo, PhD in Psychoanalysis, MSc in Psychology, Criminology – Psychologist and Psychotherapist.
P. Clément, PhD Dermo-pharmacology, Skin Physiology, Cosmetology – Formulation Scientist (pharmaceuticals and cosmetics).
G. Tremblay, BSc, CCRA – Senior Clinical Research Associate.
D. Schifirnet, M.D. – Physician and Medical / Labour Union Counselor for CSN.