Why Choose Evalulab ?

Client Focused

Dedicated and professional contact understanding your marketing needs

Customized Services

Design and implementation of clinical studies adapted to your needs

Quality Engagement

All studies comply to established regulatory standards

Professional Team

Specialized services providing reliable and accurate scientific results


A special attention is given to detail and clarity in all reports

More details about clinical studies

+ What is a clinical study ?
Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a treatment or device is safe and/or effective for humans. The purpose of clinical trials is research, so they follow strict scientific standards. These standards ensure the protection of test subjects and the production of reliable study results.
+ Why would I need a clinical study ?
Studies conducted at Evalulab will provide you the tools to:
  • Target a market segment effectively
  • Highlight product benefits with confidence
  • Enhance product image
  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Build a solid foundation for long-term growth
  • Minimize product returns.
+ Why would I need Evalulab ?
Evalulab is your clinical lab partner. Evalulab's team is committed to provide you the highest quality of clinical studies services. Evalulab has built a trust relationship with its clients and business partners by adhering to a professional code based on the following principles:
  • Constant involvement in the industry
  • Continuous improvement of the quality system
  • Respect of ethics and confidentiality
  • Respect of project objectives and deadlines
  • Transparency and clarity of communications.

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